Firearms can be powerful defense tool that, if chosen, must be mastered.  The foundation of any firearm training is safety.   Shepherd Defense believes, should a client choose to keep and possibly use a firearm in the home, that all occupants should be trained in firearm safety.

Shepherd Defense offers 2 levels of firearm training at this time

Level 1:  General Firearm Safety and Awareness 1-2 hours

  • Level 1 training includes general firearm instruction, in 1 of 3 disciplines; Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun.  Safety is the foundation of all firearm training and that is the starting point for the Level 1 class.  The client will be given comprehensive firearm safety instruction.  After the client demonstrates a clear level of proficiency class will progress into basic firearm awareness.  This class will be included in all Home Safety & Defense Training.  The client may choose either Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun as the focus for the class.

Class Topics

  • Selecting a Firearm, Ammunition and Accessories
  • General Firearm Safety
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Foundation of Marksmanship (awareness level)
  • Maintenance
  • Storage

Price:  Level 1 Firearm is included in all of the In Home Safety & Defense classes at no additional cost.  This is taught in one of the 3 disciplines, i.e. pistol, rifle, or shotgun.  The level 1 Firearm class is not designed to be a stand alone class but the student may request to add extra discipline training to the Home Safety & Defense class for 25 dollars extra per student.  As an example, most people choose Pistol, as the platform for training during the Home Safety & Defense class, but may wish to add Shotgun or Rifle training as well.


Level 2:  Basic Firearm Safety & Marksmanship 2-3 hours

  • Level 2 Pistol meets the criteria for a client’s application for a VA Concealed Handgun Permit.
  • Level 2 training is built upon the foundation of safety and awareness that is taught in the Level 1 class.  Level 2  training will add more advanced elements of carrying and implementing the firearm.

Class Topics

  • All Level 1 Topics
  • Basic Firearm Marksmanship
  • Carry Techniques (open and concealed)
  • Understanding Deadly Force




60 dollars per student for classes with 2-4 students (Minimum of 2 students)

50 dollars per student for classes with 5-10 students

Please request a quote for classes with more than 10 students


Level 1 and Level 2 training are conducted in the client’s home or a classroom setting.  Range time can be incorporated at the request of the client, at additional cost.

The client may choose Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun as the platform for each level of training


Advanced Firearm Marksmanship will be available soon.


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